Tyndrum Hub Group

Tyndrum Community Infrastructure Project

Our Community Place Plan 2021-2031 identifies the need for better tourist facilities and infrastructure in Tyndrum to cope with the rising levels of visitors. This includes more parking, waste disposal facilities, and possibly infrastructure for campervans and motorhomes.

As such, a potential site has been identified on the outskirts of the village that could house these much needed improvements. The land is currently owned by the Scottish Government, and they are willing to explore a Community Asset Transfer (CAT) for the site - meaning the community would purchase it. In 2023 the Trust secured Stage 1 funding from the Scottish Land Fund to undertake a Feasibility Study, including a community consultation, and valuation of the site. The Feasibility Study should be completed by the end of 2023, with a view to taking forward recommendations in 2024.

Tyndrum Hub: Current Projects

The Tyndrum Hub Group are currently working with Stirling Council to improve the play park and kickaround in Mnasefield. As well as replacing and upgrading the play facilities, they hope to purchase and install outdoor gym equipment. 

The Hub group are working towards the the replacement of the noticeboard outside Brodies Shop, and hope to have this completed over the next few months. This will replace the current noticeboard, which is no longer fit for purpose.


The Tyndrum Hub was established in 2016 following the closure of Tyndrum Village Hall. The community of Tyndrum decided that they wished to sell the Hall and use the proceeds towards projects in Tyndrum.

After the sale of the Hall the Hub group began to investigate the possible community buy-out of the old Tourist Information Centre, with the hope of turning it into a local information and heritage centre, as well as providing a small space for community activities. Unfortunately the project was not successful. 

In 2019 the Tyndrum Hub Group voted to come under the umbrella of the Strathfillan Community Development Trust. They have now done this, and we are excited to include them as an active group working for the benefit of the Tyndrum Community.

What's next?

This is an exciting time for the Tyndrum Hub Group, as not only have the funds secured from the sale of the Village Hall, but are due to get community gain funding from the Scotgold Cononish Goldmine. This will be used to investigate developing a heritage centre in the village, and for Tyndrum specific projects, activities and events. Of course it is up to the Tyndrum community to decide how it is best spent, and a full consultation will take place when the time comes.