Tyndrum Community Bike Trails

Update 2023

The Trust were lucky enough to secure funding through the Postcode Lottery to build two of the trails - the Blue and Red. These were completed by June 2023. Unfortunately, the weather and other unforeseen circumstances have delayed the opening of the trails. We hope to have these resolved soon and hope to them open as soon as is possible.

Support Tyndrum Bike Park Donations Campaign Launched

Can you donate the price of a coffee to help us build the bike park? 

Donations from the community and visitors helps to build support and to show funders how much this bike park is valued. 

If you can donate £3 please click on the QR code which takes you to our secure Givetap Site. Please share the link with your friends and family and help us build the bike park.


& share the link with the bikers in your life. 

If a tiny % of our visitors & Scottish mountain bikers support us we will be well on the way.

Go straight to our Givetap donation site with this link.

Proposed Layout of the Bike Park at Dalrigh Car Park

The Community Bike Skills Park was highlighted as a priority by all groups (children, young adults, residents & businesses) in the Strathfillan Place Plan  (2021 to 2031).

We are actively fundraising to make the bike park a reality. We will launch our "£3 for the track" donation campaign very soon. 

Project Vision

The main aim of this project is to construct a professional, popular, fun, and challenging Bike Skills Park. The bike skills tracks have to be suitable for a wide audience, including local children, outdoor enthusiasts, visiting families, and visiting groups who might want to use the facility for hosting events. At least one of our tracks will be 'all-abilities'. The bike skills park will be attractive to visitors and locals, and we hope it will boost social cohesion, health and well-being, and the local economy. 

Where will it be and what are we building?

The bike skills park will be build on land adjacent to Dalrigh Car Park, in the middle of Tyndrum Community Woodlands. The map above shows a concept plan of the trails we plan to build and the image at the top is an artists impression of how the site could look.

We have recently secured planning permission and our professional trails designer and landscape architect have completed the final designs and studies.

We are actively fundraising to make the Community Bike Park a reality. We will be making applications to funding agencies, launching our £3 for the track fundraising campaign and working with major donors throughout 2022. We hope to complete the build in early 2023. This is a great project which can bring great benefits for the community and local area as well as the many visitors who pass through the region. We hope to raise all of the necessary funds for the complete project but we will build the park in stages if this is the best way forward.

To get the maximum benefit from the site we will also be working to support access to cycling and coaching in the community. If you or your children are interested in finding out more about starting cycling for the first time or to develop your skills we would love to hear from you. Please contact Seona Anderson (seona@strathfillancdt.org.uk).

Summary of Proposed Trails:

Red - with rocky drop-offs and catch berm

Blue - 'flowy' downhill trail

White - Entry skills area

Orange - Accessible jumps trail

White/Turquoise - Pump track

Green - all-abilities trail 

The site will also have a shelter and WC for patrons. 

Bike Park Update August 2022

We held our first bike skills session with Ramsay McFarlane of Trailcoach on the 19th of July. The Saplings Youth Group started with some essential maintenance & had a day of bikes skills training and a bike hike around Tyndrum.

We have more sessions planned with Ramsay at local schools in the coming weeks. With thanks to our funders, the National Lottery Awards for All for their support for bike skills in Strathfillan. We are also in discussion with Scottish Cycling

We are working with funders to start work on the Bike Skills Park and will put out an update very soon.